100% natural toothpaste

Ecoheart toothpaste contains all the active ingredients in optimum concentrations, which makes them highly effective, yet very safe to use.


Human mouth is thehome to about 700 types of bacteria. These create layers of plaque on our teethand gums and metabolise certain parts of our food, especially sugars, which inturn generates acid. Teeth consist mainly of hydroxyapatite, an alkalinecompound that makes up for approximately 97% of the enamel – the outside layerof our teeth, and 70% of dentin – the layer underneath. This alkaline compoundreacts with the acid and teeth become defective. The bacteria harboured in thedefects multiply and proceed to create cavities.



Human body, however,has a built in defence system – the saliva. This defence system keeps thebacterial colonisation in check and protects the oral cavity from bacteriaovergrowth. There is a dynamic balance in place between the layers ofplaque and the body’s natural defence. Saliva consist mainly of water (approx.99%), various salts (including sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in theform of chlorides, carbonates and phosphates), mucus, enzymes (amylase breaksdown starches and lipase breaks down fats), antibacterial components andlysozyme. Lysozyme is the most important antibacterial agent that breaks downbonds in peptidoglycan, the main building block of the cell wall of Grampositive bacteria. The mouth also contains a smaller amount ofGram-negative bacteria. Our saliva contains substances that fight thesebacteria but in case of high contamination by food, air or water, theantibacterial components in the saliva are not enough to curb the bacteriaovergrowth and local infection may develop, such as canker sores, guminfection, or cavities.