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  • Beech wood toothbrush with extra soft filaments crafted from local wood and infused with blend of natural oils and resins.
  • 100% natural beech wood from Slovakia
  • Wooden handle impregnated with blend of 100% natural high quality oils
  • Extra soft filaments Dentex S made in Germany
  • Created by refubrished machines from 1969 by ourselves
  • Made in Slovakia
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Our toothbrush has been developed with a noble purpose in mind. We believe that well designed products of daily use are the basis for a more beautiful life in our modern environment. That is why we reached out to a Slovak designers, Eugen Pavlovic and Tomas Abel, to design the first ecological toothbrush. We achieved excellent results by combining a minimalistic design with great functionality and an organic lifestyle. The elegant shapes of our toothbrushes are made of local wood from Slovak wood processing plants. We smoothen our toothbrushes by gentle but thorough sanding and then treat them with special blend natural oils. Our bristles are carefully attached to the handle with a silver plated metal plate an densure comfortable brushing experience. High quality filaments Dentex S, their optimal thickness and design ensure that our toothbrush gets to all the hard to reach places and clean them very gently. Our product is recyclable, good for your health and it helps the community.