Uncover the full story about the toothbrush
trying to change the world.

Ecoheart kefky

Bristles are core

Quality nylon bristles, their optimal density and accurate cut provide for ability of our toothbrush to get where others fail.}

Štetiny kefky

Perfect body

Handcrafted body of our toothbrushes is composed of 100% bamboo. We really care about design so we tailored the toothbrush to fit in your hand comfortably.

Leaf left
Leaf right

Not only your teeth stay clean

Through buying our toothbrush you contribute non for profit projects changing your environment for better. They improve it, clean it and make our world a little bit nicer place to live in.

Honesty works

Bamboo is the fastest naturally growing wood in the world. That is the reason why we produce our toothbrushes in their natural habitat in China. Our product is sustainable in long term.

I have super bristles

I am handmade

I am ecologicaly friendly

I have perfect body

I support local community projects


We believe that the world is not doomed. We believe that common good exists. We know we need to care. Ecoheart is for us a way how to do good.

Pick up the colour that will help you change the world.